This is a post of requested prayer.
Lately I haven’t been feeling a desire for Christ, God, the Bible, to mortify sin. I’ve been struggling. I’ve been praying for God to give me a desire for Himself and His Son. A Desire for His Word. I have been praying and repenting. Asking for the Holy Spirit. I know that God must give me a desire for these things yet I still haven’t been feeling a desire for them. I don’t think it was an on the spot thing but slowly happening.
I was thinking about 20 minutes ago and I was thought, what do I do just give up and see what happens, and right at that point the part of the verse that says “the violent take it by force” popped into my head. Then I thought to myself, thats right. This isn’t a time to give up. It’s a time to take the Kingdom of Heaven by force. I must fight to get in. It isn’t a thing of going with the flow but living against the world. My natural tenancy is to Hate God and to love the world. I must fight that. I must fight the world, the flesh and the devil.
I’m not giving up. I’m fighting. I have been asking God to pull me up, no matter the cost. No matter how long it takes. I want Him to revive my heart so I desire Him and want to seek Him.
I believe it was the Holy Spirit that caused that verse to pop into my head and I thank God for His Kindness. I believe God is behind this. I believe He wants me to fight for my sanctification.

I know I can’t do this alone. I need people by my side to help me. I need people to pray for me and help me fight. It’s time to fight to enter the kingdom and time to crucify the world and it’s desires.