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Not that long ago I was reading Jonathan Aiken’s biography of John Newton, John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace. I finished it a while back but I didn’t give myself the time to write a review.

From Disgrace to Amazing GraceJonathan Aiken has done a good job with this Biography. It covers Newton’s entire life. As Michael Leake states in his review A Great Sinner with a Great Savior, Aiken “did not have at its center the magnificent work of Jesus Christ.” I agree but I was also coming to the book to learn about John Newton. Leake was ready for someone to make that comment because he also wrote: “Newton was the main character when it should have been Jesus. Because of this we miss discovering what it was that made Newton tick.” (I’ll link to the review later) He has a good point. It made me want to learn more about John Newton. I did buy more about John Newton (Life of John Newton by Josiah Bull and Letters Of John Newton both on Banner of Truth Trust) and I hope that those cause me to seek more of His Savior Jesus Christ who is my Savior.

Besides that the book was good. As I said it covered his whole life. It covered his whole life from all aspects. I recommend it but it shouldn’t be your only book about Newton. The book included some pictures in the middle of the book and it also included a bibliography, source notes and an index.

This review probably isn’t that good. I never have reviewed a book before but I hope my reviews get better.

You can find more reviews on Amazon. Click Here. You can also find the rest of Michael Leake’s review there.

Remember to read biographies of past Saints. That is suggested in the Bible in Hebrews (13:7)
For His Glory,

Born Again

I found this excellent quote by John Newton. I would like you all to read it.

I repeat my advice to read the Scriptures with prayer, to keep close the important points, of human depravity, regeneration, the atonement, and the necessity of divine teaching. If a man is born again, hates sin, and depends upon the Savior for life and grace, I care not whether he be an Arminian or a Calvinist. If he be not born again, he is nothing, let him be called by what name he will.

Jonathan Aiken in his biography of John Newton was using this quote to show that he wrote letters to convey his most important messages. Aiken says that from this letter is was obvious that Newton was dismissive of denominational labels. I want to show it because it was Mr. Newton’s view of a Christian and I agree with it. I’m not sure what source it was from. I was struggling to understand how to use the Sources and Biographical Notes section of the Book.
The source I believe it was from is written in this way on page 390 of the Book: Campbell: July 18, 1795, pp. 75-76.
The quote itself is on page 340 of Jonathan Aiken’s Book, John Newton; Disgrace to Amazing Grace, Crossway Books, 2007.