Looking forward to Resolved. Again I hope that God moves on that place, saves many and gives a passion for Himself to those who are already called. Resolved in is 10 days.

Another Speaker that is going to be at Resolved is John MacArthur. John MacArthur grew up in a Christian family but didn’t surrender his life to Christ until he was in his early twenties I believe. After he surrendered His life to Christ, he became a full time evangelist. He has been preaching to the same congregation, Grace Community Church, for about forty years. I believe he is president of both the Master’s Seminary and the Master’s College. He also has a Ministry called Grace To You. It is on the radio and television. It is his church that Resolved is being sponsored by. Pray for John MacArthur as he prepares for Resolved.

Reading Update
I’m still working my way through Heaven by Randy Alcorn. I only got to read one Chapter. I plan on reading a few more today. The last chapter I read (chapter 5) is about the Present Heaven. The place we go after we die and before the resurrection with and living on the New Earth.
I’m still waiting for Heaven on Earth: Capturing Jonathan Edwards’s Vision of Living in Between. The place I purchased it online show that the shipment’s status is “Being Shipped” which means it hasn’t shipped yet. I hope it ships today. It’s based on eastern standard time. I missed it by ordering 15 mins late. I hope it gets here on time so I have time to check it out before the conference.

Thats about it. I plan on making an Index for this and other Resolved posts. I just haven’t done it yet.
The first post of the countdown has the links to the two books I mentioned and others that would help inform your minds before Resolved.

God Bless,