It’s been a while since I posted. I’m not going to look back or try to catch up. I’m going to move forward. I decided to change the name of the blog to Delighting in God because I want to be a Christian Hedonist and I believe Christianity is to know God and to delight in what I know of Him, and that glorifies Him. I moved everything around. The about page is now titled A Gospel-Centered Blog, because this blog is. If it wasn’t for the cross all there would be for me is judgement, but on the cross Jesus paid my fine, then rose from the dead conquering death for me. I also changed the sub-title of the blog to the original name, Boasting Only in the Cross. And that is because of the stuff just mentioned before. Jesus paid my fine in His death, rose from the dead conquering death, because death could not bind Him, and now I am free from death and sin so that I can have God. “Jesus died to bring us to God,” said Peter and it’s true. Thats it. This post is just saying I’m moving forward and it’s for me. I need to work on stuff sometimes and the next series I’m doing is going to have motivation because of the blog. If I plan to keep a schedule, I need to do it.