Hey readers.
It’s really been a while since I’ve posted. If this blog represents the spiritual disciple in my life, it’s doing a pretty good Job. As I have prayed that God would draw me closer to Him, I’ve been seeing it happen but I would like continued prayer as I am still struggling. Pray that the world would have less and less of a grip on me. I was able to witness to a couple of people, Alisha and some others. Pray for Alisha though. She is in love with her sin so much that she is blinded.
On to the subject of this post:

I was reading my email and I saw an article on the front page of my email about the aftershocks and fear of the Chinese people. As I was skimming it, I thought about the fact that God uses Natural disasters as both punishments of wrath against their sin but also to serve as a warning.

My personal opinion is that this earthquake and it’s after shocks are because God is angry with the Chinese for the crackdown on Christians because of the up coming Olympics. I started going through my email and I was finding emails about that all the way back to October. They might go back even further but I didn’t check.

The emails I receive are from the Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors and other ministries serving the persecuted. I thought I might quote some of the emails.

These arrests are the latest in the Chinese communist government’s crackdown on Christians prior to the Olympics this summer.”

As China prepares to host the 2008 Olympic Games, a recent debate of whether athletes will have personal access to Bibles during their stay in Beijing sparked international controversy.

An announcement stated that the country intended to ban Bibles for security reasons, as well as all religious symbols in the Olympic Village — a report that came on the heels of China’s official pledge to encourage religion during the 2008 Games.”

Pray for Christians in China who face increased persecution ahead of the 2008 Olympics.”

Here is the last quote I’m going to include. I have decided to include the whole email I recieved from Christian Freedom International back in October of last year. I hope you see what I’m saying through all these quotes. I’m trying to show you whats happening and why I’m thinking the recent earthquake was a warning and a punishment on China. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not turning my back on China. Continue to pray for them. Send relief. But don’t forget to pray against the persecution and mistreatment of Christians. So I end with the email from October.

With the Olympics less than a year away, Beijing is set to achieve a major propaganda victory.

Yet the so-called People’s Republic of China just launched another church crackdown, arresting at least 15 Christian leaders in six provinces.

Fortunately, you and I can do something. We don’t have to purchase Chinese toys or products.

I urge you to call, write, or email the Chinese embassy in Washington and the following companies to explain why.

Walmart | Toys R Us | Mattel | Hasbro | Target

Here is the email address for the Chinese embassy in Washington:
chinaembassy_us@fmprc.gov.cn, or call (202) 328-2500.

You can simply say, “Unless China allows religious freedom and stops the persecution of Christians I will not buy products made in China.”

We can–we must–shame the Chinese government for denying its citizens the freedom to worship God.

I know such a strategy might not bear immediate fruit, but in following the Gospel pattern we would be planting seeds for the future.

We must never forget the plight of our brothers and sisters abroad–whether in China or elsewhere.

Please forward this alert to others.
Jim Jacobson
Christian Freedom International

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Please continue to pray for Burma and China.