Michael Patton posted about the Wave of people leaving Christianity. It’s title is the exact title of this post. I suggest people really should read it. I posted “my story” as a comment. It is comment 150.

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This is my story related to the post.
The first step towards “leaving Christianity” is the step of doubt. His form of doubt is asking questions. I had my questions answered. My struggle was a doubt of my salvation. I’m glad I had other Brothers to help me during my doubting stage. I was doubting whether I was elect or not and I got to the point of just wanting to know if I was elect or not until I brought it up to a pastor. I didn’t care at that point if I was going to Heaven or Hell, I was that much of a struggle to me. I just wanted to know if I was elect. I’m glad the brother (pastor) corrected me first off that I don’t want to go to Hell. He also gave me scripture to read (James) and told me to pray. He also told me to stop focusing on myself, which is what I was looking at and seeing my sinfulness, and He told me to Focus on Christ. He also told me to just believe. In my case it was okay because not doubting is the opposite of believing and faith. It is a lack of faith and belief. I now see what I need to be doing is Mortifying my sin, desiring Christ and defeat the desire to sin with the infinite pleasure of knowing Christ, Remembering Christ is much better than any sin. Keep the blog up.

Here is another blog similar to my case, The Bridge Called Doubt.

For His Glory, Boast Only in the Cross of Christ my friends.