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Sovereign Grace Ministries

Again I get to write. I don’t want to Idolize this blog so that is why I am taking my time to write things besides the fact there are other things I need to do. So again, like I posted the last one, I’m writing this one at school in the library between my two classes.

Well, this is a continuation of the two things that inspired this Blog. The first Ministry was Desiring God. The post can be read below or here. This one is about Sovereign Grace Ministries.

I found out about Sovereign Grace Ministries through the Resolved Conference 2007. C. J. Mahaney, spoke at the conference.

So about Sovereign Grace Ministries. Sovereign Grace Ministries is actually a Church Planting Ministry but they have an emphasis the Cross. C. J. Mahaney doesn’t want us to get used to the Cross but everytime come to it with amazement. C. J. Mahaney wrote a book centered on that, Living the Cross Centered Life.

They have many cross centered materials. That is what lead me really to be cross-centered and helped me come up with the title of my Blog, “Boasting Only in the Cross”. I think I heard that way of saying it from John Piper, but I recalled the phrase after thinking about the cross by the movitation of the cross centered ministry of C. J. Mahaney.

So how did Sovereign Grace Ministries inspire my blog? Well, C. J. Mahaney’s emphasis on the cross if you didn’t figure it out already. I might start seeming repetitive and I’m sorry. Everything with the paragraph ending in the book title was at school, while everything after that was written at 10:44 at night.Sorry about that but while I was working on it, WordPress went down so I ended up having to wait until evening to work on it. Anyway back to the reason of this paragraph. C. J. Mahaney has had an influence on my life about the cross. He has caused me to want to be cross-centered. Why has that happened? Because he has shown me that the cross is the center of everything. All of History points to the cross. Everything in history before the cross lead up to it and everything in history, points to it and the second coming. All of Eternity points to the cross. The second coming points to the cross, in that Jesus is coming to get His own that He purchased at the cross and to Judge those who rejected Him and His death on the Cross and resurrection. In heaven, the saints will be singing about the worthiness of the Lamb that was slain. If you look at the Cross of Jesus, you see the Justice and Love of God. You see the wrath of God over His hatred of Sin. You see the sinfulness of man when you look at the cross. You see my sinfulness. You see the purchasing of Grace, and Mercy, and Adoption, and salvation. The cross is everything. Can you see?

Some of these things C. J. Mahaney taught to me through preaching of the Word. I don’t want to forget about the cross. It wasn’t just about my conversion but everything hangs on that one moment in time when my Savior gave up His Spirit. I want to find Joy in the Cross of my Redeemer, Christ Jesus, the Messiah of the World.

That is how C. J. Mahaney inspired my Blog, but his ministry has a lot of stuff on it. Check out the website. Sovereign Grace Ministries, just like Desiring God, has a resource library that I suggest you check out, an events page, a blog, and worship music, Christ-centered, cross-centered worship music.

Here are a few things to check out at Sovereign Grace Ministries.

So, enough ramblings about the Ministry. I say check Sovereign Grace Ministries out. See if they have resources that will draw you closer to your God, Maker, and Savior Jesus!

Desiring God

This is my first actual post. It took a while because I’ve been busy.

There have been a few things that have inspired my blog. The two with the most impact where Desiring God and Sovereign Grace Ministries. But for this post, I’m going to write about how I got inspired by Desiring God.

So I had been reading Books by John Piper. (Desiring God is his Ministry.) And on the front of His book Desiring God was “Meditations of a Christian Hedonist.” I too want be a Christian Hedonist, so I tried to start a blog under the title “The Meditations of a Christian Hedonist.” I never got started and I think God not letting it start was a good thing. It would have been a narrow blog about just my mediations and it had the name of the subtitle of John Piper’s book. So it was copyright infringing so I’m glad it never started. And with this blog I can post more than just my mediations. I can write about Ministries, Books, Authors, Christian News and a whole slew of things.

So, how did Desiring God inspire my blog. Well, if you read the subtitle of my blog, “Hedonistically Serving Christ Jesus,” it relates to Desiring God in that there focus is to Glorify God in spreading a passion for people to Glorify God by finding Joy in Him. Not God’s gift’s, but God. I believe that belief it biblical. There mission statement is, “Everything we do aims to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.” A statement John Piper says he believes in and stands behind is “God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him.”

They have spread into me to want to find Joy in God. Salvation isn’t about just going to heaven or not feeling guilty anymore. Jesus died to bring us to Himself, that we might find great Joy in Him and in His Glory. I don’t want to find Joy in my sin anymore. I want to find Joy in Christ Jesus.

This is how Desiring God has inspired my Blog. I say check out their Ministry Website. You can find all kinds of good resources, books, articles and even a blog. Click here to go to there About Us page. Don’t worry, all links open up in a new window.

Here is a few things to check out at Desiring God:

So I’ll close in suggesting you to check out Desiring God, one of the ministries that inspired me.