So this is my second official recap blog on the Resolved Conference 2011. The first one was on the worship, which was awesome. Not at every session, but a lot of them, they recommended books. All of them were in the store. I’d like to highlight the books that I’m familiar with. Maybe I can go back and review them on the blog and how they point to the Gospel.

Well, first I want to mention a CD they commended that I know commend. It’s called Love Divine. It’s hymns that were set to contemporary music. Bob Kauflin, Sunday morning when he lead worship recommended the CD. They also gave away download codes to everyone to get the 4 free songs from the CD. I got those then ended up buying the CD because I love to find solid, God-exalting, Gospel-centered songs and worship. Just to list a few of the titles, “And Can It Be?,” “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus,” “O For A Thousand Tongues,” and “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.” You can get a free download of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” at the CDs main site. The whole point of the CD is to be a tribute to Charles Wesley. They are all hymns he wrote. The site has more than downloads. It also has an about section of the CD, the ability to listen to 4 of the songs and the ability to see videos about the CD. Get the CD.

Now onto the books. I had trouble figuring out which order I’d discuss the ones I was familiar with. No specific order.

The Valley of Vision
The Valley of Vision is a collection of prayers of Puritans. They are on a variety of subjects. From a heart in the depths to a heart overjoyed in God. From personal confession and repentance to an exalting of Christ and His work. It personally has helped me, set my heart a-fire when I read a few of them when I was down and dry. It really is worth purchasing.
What Is The Gospel?
The book was written by Greg Gilbert because there is a lack of clarity on what the gospel actually is. His hope would have been not to have had written the book. It’s a very good book though that pretty much is an exposition of Romans and goes through and touches on every aspect of the Gospel. I read it this last year. A really good read. Worth reading, maybe even giving to an unbelieving friend. Actually, give it to an unbelieving friend, then talk with them through it.
Living The Cross Centered Life
This book is actually two books in one of CJ Mahaney’s, The Cross Centered Life and Christ Our Mediator. The book essentially is to try and convince the reader that the Gospel needs to be the center of a believers life that they go over daily. When I read it, my heart was set a-flame a-fresh for the Gospel. My heart was set again to worship. A book on setting the Gospel as the center of ones life can’t not have the Gospel in it. The premise is that if you are going to have a Gospel centered life, you need to have gospel centered days because the life is made up of days. It’s a short book, but worth the read as it drives home a specific point.
Just Do Something
Just Do Something is a look at God’s will, and correction of the misconception of what that means. The point of this book is that there is God’s revealed will in the scriptures of what pleases Him and what He wants us to do, like make disciples, and God’s sovereign will that is played out as time moves forward. When it comes to who to marry, what major to take, what career to pursue, the point is to just do something because they are part of God’s sovereign will and will unfold as events unfold. So then what? Do something. Move forward asking God to lead you as you move, He will guide your steps (Proverbs 3:6).
Uneclipsing the Son
This is Rick Hollands new book. At this point I’m halfway through it and it is good. His main point is that in America, we’ve settled for an eclipsed view of Christ and have gotten accustomed to it and his goal in the book is to remove the eclipse and let the whole glory of the Son shine on the readers heart. It’s been convicting as I’ve been reading it. So far the best chapter in my opinion was the second chapter which was the presentation of the Gospel. The gospel, the revealing of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Everyone at Resolved recieved a complementary copy because of a generous donor. Donor, whoever you are thank you for providing this book. It has been worth the read.
This book is another of CJ Mahaney’s. I haven’t read this book. This is the only book of the bunch that I haven’t read. I’ve heard CJ Mahaney talk about this book and clarify about it many times. First he states that he is not a humble man. Writing the book humbled him he said. How does someone write a book about humility without looking proud. I own this book. I have yet to humble myself and read it.

That’s all I have to say about the books that were recommended. below is the list of the book that were recommended and when they were. I didn’t have time to make them all look as nice as I would have liked but most of the books are written by the guys that the sermon session was. Look up the books and see if they are worth getting.

Session 2: John MacArthur
Book: How to Study the Bible John MacArthur

Session 3: Al Mohler
Books: Atheism, He is Not Silent, Words From the Fire

Session 4: John MacArthur
Books: Rick holland’s book, just do something, expository listening (how to listen to a sermon), valley of vision

Session 6: C. J. Mahaney
Books: Living The Cross Centered Life, Humility

Session 7: Steve Lawson
Books: Essential Edwards Collection,unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards, Pillars of Grace

Session 8: Rick Holland
Books: worldliness (audio), Quick scripture reference for counseling, the greener grass conspiracy, minority report (Truman), the wages of spin

Session 10: Al Mohler
Books: baker commentary, why we love the church – Seymour, the incomparable Christ, what is the gospel?
CD: Love Divine each get download code