I’m doing a series of posts in response to the podcast/blog series of Parchment and Pen called Why I Am/Am Not a Charismatic. The reason I’m doing this series is because I’ve never solidified my theology in this area and it’s a good time to do it. My first post. My second post.

In the third podcast from my opinion, they were all over the place. They took about 8 mins in the introduction to introduce their newest guy in the series, JJ, a Charismatic, and do announcements. JJ now makes the two “sides” even. Now their is Michael and Tim as Cessationists, and Sam and JJ as Charismatics.

From about 8 mins, Michael lays out that the two things that are on the table that he’d like to cover: 1) He wants to furthur clarify what that mean by Charismatic, and 2) clarify that there are life implications.

The second one is answered right off the bat. There are life implications. It affects ones view of God and how one person lives daily life more than say eschatology does.

The first one is where the discussion goes everywhere. They discuss how both men are taking it from two sides. Michael is looking at it from a continuum perspective, while Sam is looking at it from a what does God say, this requires obedience perspective. Another topic discussed is that it’s possible it’s a matter of terminology. JJ brought up that it’s possible that cessationists can employ the gifts and they would call it feeling an urge from the Lord. He gave a couple of examples of that idea. They also discussed worship. Sometimes cessationists have a more charismatic worship service but sometimes it’s done as a church growth strategy rather than as a spiritual conviction. They even discuss the theology of demonology from both sides and how they would respond to demons.

At the end of the podcast, Michael tries to bring it back around to what he wanted to answer by asking the question, is the issue they are trying to discuss whether speaking in tongues, prophecy, and healings still continue or not? Like is that what defines a Charismatic or the power of the Holy Spirit in someones life? Is it the three things or more than that? They never get to it because Sam comes back and asks the power of the Holy Spirit to what end? Battle temptation? Quicken mind to preach? Evangelism? Or for the full range of the gifts? There are cessationists that clearly rely on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Personally, I do believe that someone’s view of God and life will be impacted by what they believe in terms of the charismatic viewpoint or cessationist viewpoint. With Charismatic, God is way more, deeply, intimately involved in the world in the sense that He is giving personal words to people, healing people, crossing borders through the supernatural speaking of other languages. As well as the fact that God could do that at any moment in a believers life toward and for another person.

For me, in defining the meaning that Michael tried to clarify at the end but didn’t get, I personally am not sure on what I would say a Charismatic is either. They would seem to have a bigger role for the Holy Spirit, and that would include both the fact that the role Jesus prescribed for the Holy Spirit as Helper, Teacher, Guide, and to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment (John 14:26; 16:8). Are the gifts the means by which the Holy Spirit would cause this to happen?  Helper, Teach, Guide and even Comforter (Acts 9:41) would be for believers, so edification of the church would be the role of the Spirit. But convicting the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment would be an aspect of evangelism, which would lead to glorifying Christ (John 16:14), because those are the bad news that point to Jesus as Savior. Cessationists would cling to this power of the Holy Spirit to reveal the Word, to convict both believers and unbelievers of sin, judgment and righteousness. Thinking all that through, it would be more of a matter of the Holy Spirit still giving and applying those gifts among believers today, because the power of the Holy Spirit is even essential for cessationists.

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