“He is no fool who gives that which he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.” This is the quote on the front of the book, one of Jim Elliot’s most well known sayings. It was written in one of his journals. This is what Jim Elliot accomplished in his life. He died at the age of 29, yet his life has impacted many.

One of the ways that Jim’s life helped mine was his resolve to give over everything for Christ, including wanting to get married to a specific young lady. He had great affections for this one young woman, Betty. They met in college, but it seemed that God was keeping them apart for some reason. They did eventually marry on the mission field, but the encouraging part about Jim’s life is that he continued to give her over to Christ. He struggled because he loved her. There were times that he wrote about how difficult is was and how he wanted her and that he, at times, just didn’t understand what God was doing.

What, for me, was encouraging is that I, too, have a desire to get married and a young lady has/had caught my attention. Seeing that Jim could give Betty up, shows me that by God’s grace I can give up the one who has caught mine attention. I’m not saying that God will give her to me if I give her up as God gave Jim and Elisabeth to one another. But I do know that God will sustain me, and will give me my wife in his timing, when I’m ready if He has decided to give me one.

The book consisted mostly of Jim’s own writing, his journals and letters to others. What I would have liked more is to have know more of what was going on around him. The context of the U.S. and the countries he was in for missionary work. It would have been nice to have been able to have placed him in the personal time line that I have in my head of history.