Session 11 was the last session of the conference. C.J. Mahaney got to finish off the conference this year. Even though C.J. is very humble in his ability to preach, he is a very good preacher. God has given him a very good gift.

C.J.’s sermon choice was to help prepare us for the real world. The world outside the conference. He chose the book of Jude. He pretty much gave us an outline of the book because he wanted us to be able to understand the verses he got more detailed on. His emphasis was on verses 1-4 and 20-25.

He enjoyed 1-4 because of it’s emphasis on the sovereign grace of God. God calls. God loves. God keeps.

v 20-23 he wanted to remind us to contend for our hearts, to make sure that our hearts were correct, right and to help others also. He looked precisely at how to contend for our hearts was to keep in the Love of God and that there were three ways to do it.

  1. Building up in the most holy faith (v 20) which is done by preaching the gospel to ourselves on a daily basis, and to each other. When a brother is downcast and his conscience condemns him, I should exhort him with the gospel, because the gospel alone silences the condemning heart. He asked one question about this, “How much time do you devote to doing this?” Good question, how much time do I devote to preaching the gospel to myself? I have to admit not very much at all. Not very much at all.
  2. The second way we  keep in the love of God is to pray in the Holy Spirit (v 20). He quoted Spurgeon saying that he finds it quite helpful to pray between events he does. How often do we continue to pray during the day? C.J. reminded us that praying through out the day revitalizes the soul.
  3. Lastly, how we keep in the love of God is by waiting for the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ (v 21). He presented it as the future mercy we will receive as we go to stand in Judgement and we will receive mercy because of Christ’s work. We should wait and look forward to that time.

He brought up a point. The way he said it was this: “What we want is an experience so that we don’t have to keep ourselves in the love of God.” Plain and simply he said there isn’t a formula that causes that. It’s daily work that is behind good growth and staying in the Love of God.

Lastly he covered verses 24,25. Jude closes with God’s perseverance of us. It’s God’s grace that works in us. He works with us, not without us, to present us blameless one day before Him in His glory with great JOY. And because it is His grace, He deserves the glory, majesty, dominion, and authority forever and ever.

C.J. presented a great sermon to prepare us to step back into the world again.

Hopefully, I get to review the conference and post some pictures and some videos.