John MacArthur spoke at session 8. He spoke on how Jesus is involved with His church. John used Revelation 1. It’s the only image in the Bible of Jesus being involved with His church in his exalted state. He inhabits it. He is not a far off but intimately involved. There were five points that were drawn from Rev 1 that show how Jesus is involved with His church.

  1. He intercedes for his Church (v 13 – clothed with a long robe and with a golden sash around his chest)
  2. He purifies the church ( v 14,15 – Bronze feet, as refined)
  3. He commands his church (v15 – voice like roar of many waters)
  4. He controls his church (v16 – stars in his hand who are the messagers of the churches or pastors)
  5. He protects his church (v 16- two edged sword and v 2:16)
  6. He reflects his glory through the church/evangelism (v16 – sun shining face)

Lastly we covered the appropriate response to seeing the vision; exactly was John did, fell flat on his face, just like the other prophets did that saw God (Isa, Eze, etc.)