Session 10 was preached by Al Mohler on Christ the King. He spoke from Revelation 19.

He started his sermon at 1 Samuel 9 where the Jews rejected God as their King to have a king like the peoples around them. He then went to Isaiah 9:2-6 to talk about the promised king, messiah, savior, who would be God. He then went to Revelation 19: 6-10 to give us an image of Jesus now as King and Judge. The view of Jesus in Revelation 19 is like the view of Jesus in Revelation 1. Jesus has the same fiery eyes, and the sharp sword from His mouth. Something new is His robe stained with blood already before the fight. Because it’s His blood. He also has His name on His thigh and His robe.

After showing Him in the vision, it moves on to what’s around Him and what He does. The king takes out His enemies and creates a feast for the birds that feed on flesh. He then goes back to the previous section of verses about the other supper of the chapter, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Mohler wanted us to know very clearly that everyone who ever lived and is living and will live will take part of one of these two suppers. One is good to be at because you will be enjoying the supper. The other supper the people will be the feast.

I really enjoyed Al Mohler at Resolved. He has never been before and I’ve never heard him preach before, like or recorded and I really enjoyed His preaching. I know that Jesus ultimately was behind it.