For the sixth session John MacArthur spoke a “Bible Study, not a sermon.” We started at John 8:56, where Jesus proclaims his diety as I am. Then he took us to Exodus 3:13,14, 11, and 17, showing the words God used to name himself and describe himself. Jesus also used the same terminology, especially the 7 I AM statements in the John’s Gospel. All that was introduction. He deduced from the fact that Jesus was God several points.

  1. Jesus is Sovereign over Sin. (Mark 2)
  2. Jesus has power over Spirits. (Mark 5)
  3. Jesus is sovereign over Satan. (John 14:30)
  4. Jesus is sovereign over Death. (John 10:17)
  5. Jesus is sovereign over the Sabbath. (Matt 12:8)

MacArthur wanted to get us to the point that Jesus was both the Lord and the Son of David. Luke 20:40 and Matthew 22:41-42.

After John MacArthur’s session, they had a Speaker Panel/Q&A session. The whole topic ended up being about reading good books as a means of grace and growth to love and know Christ better.