Session 6 is starting up and I’m typing up this blog to keep up with blogging about the sessions and not falling behind.

The Session 6 speaker was Steve Lawson, meaning that he has done his two and isn’t going to speak anymore. He spoke out of Revelation 5. Jesus, the only one worthy to Open the scroll to bring about the end of history. Jesus was and is the only one that can now finish off history to bring about God’s justice and glory. He died. He bore the wrath of God. He conquered death. No other human, angel, demon or Satan is worth to open the scroll that was written by the Father to bring to pass what He had ordained for the end of the world.

Steve pointed out 4 things from the text.

  1. There was a scroll.
  2. There was a search
  3. There was the sovereign Lion
  4. There was the singing.

Our lives as believers should consist of the singing to the only one worthy of worship and praise. Jesus alone is worthy to receive honor, and glory. He is the only one worthy to open the scroll.