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For the sixth session John MacArthur spoke a “Bible Study, not a sermon.” We started at John 8:56, where Jesus proclaims his diety as I am. Then he took us to Exodus 3:13,14, 11, and 17, showing the words God used to name himself and describe himself. Jesus also used the same terminology, especially the 7 I AM statements in the John’s Gospel. All that was introduction. He deduced from the fact that Jesus was God several points.

  1. Jesus is Sovereign over Sin. (Mark 2)
  2. Jesus has power over Spirits. (Mark 5)
  3. Jesus is sovereign over Satan. (John 14:30)
  4. Jesus is sovereign over Death. (John 10:17)
  5. Jesus is sovereign over the Sabbath. (Matt 12:8)

MacArthur wanted to get us to the point that Jesus was both the Lord and the Son of David. Luke 20:40 and Matthew 22:41-42.

After John MacArthur’s session, they had a Speaker Panel/Q&A session. The whole topic ended up being about reading good books as a means of grace and growth to love and know Christ better.


Session 6 is starting up and I’m typing up this blog to keep up with blogging about the sessions and not falling behind.

The Session 6 speaker was Steve Lawson, meaning that he has done his two and isn’t going to speak anymore. He spoke out of Revelation 5. Jesus, the only one worthy to Open the scroll to bring about the end of history. Jesus was and is the only one that can now finish off history to bring about God’s justice and glory. He died. He bore the wrath of God. He conquered death. No other human, angel, demon or Satan is worth to open the scroll that was written by the Father to bring to pass what He had ordained for the end of the world.

Steve pointed out 4 things from the text.

  1. There was a scroll.
  2. There was a search
  3. There was the sovereign Lion
  4. There was the singing.

Our lives as believers should consist of the singing to the only one worthy of worship and praise. Jesus alone is worthy to receive honor, and glory. He is the only one worthy to open the scroll.

For session 4, C.J. Mahaney spoke. He used Mark 5:1-20. He didn’t give us a specific topic of a category for Jesus like the past 3 preachers did. C.J. gave a visual representation of Christ. Mainly his power over the world. His sovereignty. Jesus healed a man who was tormented by demons. He had compassion on this man to free him from his bondage to unclean spirits and the people of the area pleaded with Him to leave. C.J. showed us the previous event the disciples went through and their near death experience on the sea of Galilee. Then, Jesus, after this episode with the man, heals a woman, raises a girl from the dead. Mark is showing the sovereignty of God.

C.J. showed us three things this passage is trying to teach us.

  1. To Learn the unique identity of the Savior as the Son of God
  2. To remind us of our condition before conversion
  3. To encourage us to emulate the example of the man saved from demons.

Some conference updates. They are giving a decent price on next years conference for only $100. Also, the first three sessions of Audio are up on the resolved website,

So far the topics we have covered have been Jesus as the convergence of God’s transcendence and God’s eminence. For Session 3, Steve Lawson was the preacher. He spoke on many subjects of who Christ is from Colossians 1:15-23.

From Colossians 1 we get that:

  1. Jesus is God (v 15)
  2. Jesus is Creator (v 16)
  3. Jesus is Sustainer (v 17)
  4. Jesus is Lord (v 18)
  5. Jesus is Savior (v 21)

He wanted us to understand that they were out flows of each other. You can’t have one without the one before it.  He also wanted us to remember that Jesus is Savior. He saves from sin, from the Father’s wrath, to reconcile us to the Father, to bring us back into a relationship with the Father.

Out of convenience to post blogs faster, I’m going to wait until later to post pictures.