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Al Mohler spoke in Session 2. It was his first year at Resolved. He spoke on Jesus as Priest out of Hebrews chapter 9. He spoke that Jesus work on the cross was once for all time, while His work as High Priest is and must be eternal. His death was necessary and God planned it to happen. He was our substitute.

He explained that the sacrifice provided Jesus with His own blood to approach the Father in the Holy of Holies as our High Priest. He then explained ten ways that Jesus roles as High Priest. They were:

  1. The Suffering High Priest
  2. The Sacrificial High Priest
  3. The Saving Great High Priest
  4. The Substitutionary High Priest
  5. The Superior High Priest
  6. The Supernatural High Priest
  7. The Solitary High Priest
  8. The Sufficient High Priest
  9. The Sovereign High Priest
  10. The Sympathetic High Priest

Al wanted to leave us remembering the Sympathetic High Priest the most, reminding us that Jesus wants to save us now from our sin and sympathizes with our weaknesses. He understands our temptations because he was tempted in every way just as we were. But one difference is that he was without sin. He understands our struggles and can die for our sin to save us, redeem us, to cleanse us internally and externally.

Thank you Jesus for what you have done and are doing for us right now, interceding for us as our High Priest.

More pictures below:

Waiting for Session 2 to start.

View of the Stage before it started.

Worship Session 2

Al Mohler Speaking on the Priesthood of Christ.

A lot of Resolved attendees watching the end of the USA/GHA Soccer match.


Resolved once again. This is my fourth year attending Resolved. One in Long Beach, and this is the third in Palm Springs. Day started off early with needing to pack. Then we (Jess and I) headed to the church. The drive was not bad. One stop was good. We got to the Hotel/Convention Center around 3:45. A group went shopping and a few of us enjoyed the Conference store.

This years conference theme is Jesus. One word: Jesus. It’s a big subject.

Tonight opened up well. Rick Holland spoke about Jesus. He spoke about Jesus being the culmination of God’s Transcendence and Eminence. Transcendence is God’s distance from us, and Eminence is God’s closeness to us.

He spoke first explaining the “Distance of Diving Transcendence,” explaining how far above God is from us. God is far above us, so far from us that we can’t approach Him. His second point was  the “Nearness of Divine Eminence.” He explained that God is so close, he is intimately involved in each persons life, directing their lives. The last point was bringing the two together in Jesus. He named the point “The Mystery of Divine Incarnation.” He explained that in Jesus God and Man became one being. Jesus is the convergence of the two, like two creeks coming together to become a new creek. The new one is neither one or the other, but both. He explained that Job understood both from Job 9, God’s transcendence and eminence, and used 1 Timothy 2:5 to explain that Jesus was the man, mediator/umpire/arbitor between God and man.

Tonight was good, so hopefully I can keep this up posting every day. The only free wifi in the Hotel is in the Lobby. The convenience of being in your room using the wifi you must pay for. Out in the lobby is nice enough.

Here are some pictures:

View of the Stage from Bleachers

View of the Stage from the Top of the Bleachers

The View from the Stage. You can see that the bleachers almost cover the entire back wall.

Worship during the Conference.

Jess and I after the first session. Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy.

A view of the newly renovated Hotel that we’ve been staying at every year so far. Now it’s called the Renaissance Hotel.