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Session 11 was the last session of the conference. C.J. Mahaney got to finish off the conference this year. Even though C.J. is very humble in his ability to preach, he is a very good preacher. God has given him a very good gift.

C.J.’s sermon choice was to help prepare us for the real world. The world outside the conference. He chose the book of Jude. He pretty much gave us an outline of the book because he wanted us to be able to understand the verses he got more detailed on. His emphasis was on verses 1-4 and 20-25.

He enjoyed 1-4 because of it’s emphasis on the sovereign grace of God. God calls. God loves. God keeps.

v 20-23 he wanted to remind us to contend for our hearts, to make sure that our hearts were correct, right and to help others also. He looked precisely at how to contend for our hearts was to keep in the Love of God and that there were three ways to do it.

  1. Building up in the most holy faith (v 20) which is done by preaching the gospel to ourselves on a daily basis, and to each other. When a brother is downcast and his conscience condemns him, I should exhort him with the gospel, because the gospel alone silences the condemning heart. He asked one question about this, “How much time do you devote to doing this?” Good question, how much time do I devote to preaching the gospel to myself? I have to admit not very much at all. Not very much at all.
  2. The second way we  keep in the love of God is to pray in the Holy Spirit (v 20). He quoted Spurgeon saying that he finds it quite helpful to pray between events he does. How often do we continue to pray during the day? C.J. reminded us that praying through out the day revitalizes the soul.
  3. Lastly, how we keep in the love of God is by waiting for the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ (v 21). He presented it as the future mercy we will receive as we go to stand in Judgement and we will receive mercy because of Christ’s work. We should wait and look forward to that time.

He brought up a point. The way he said it was this: “What we want is an experience so that we don’t have to keep ourselves in the love of God.” Plain and simply he said there isn’t a formula that causes that. It’s daily work that is behind good growth and staying in the Love of God.

Lastly he covered verses 24,25. Jude closes with God’s perseverance of us. It’s God’s grace that works in us. He works with us, not without us, to present us blameless one day before Him in His glory with great JOY. And because it is His grace, He deserves the glory, majesty, dominion, and authority forever and ever.

C.J. presented a great sermon to prepare us to step back into the world again.

Hopefully, I get to review the conference and post some pictures and some videos.

Session 10 was preached by Al Mohler on Christ the King. He spoke from Revelation 19.

He started his sermon at 1 Samuel 9 where the Jews rejected God as their King to have a king like the peoples around them. He then went to Isaiah 9:2-6 to talk about the promised king, messiah, savior, who would be God. He then went to Revelation 19: 6-10 to give us an image of Jesus now as King and Judge. The view of Jesus in Revelation 19 is like the view of Jesus in Revelation 1. Jesus has the same fiery eyes, and the sharp sword from His mouth. Something new is His robe stained with blood already before the fight. Because it’s His blood. He also has His name on His thigh and His robe.

After showing Him in the vision, it moves on to what’s around Him and what He does. The king takes out His enemies and creates a feast for the birds that feed on flesh. He then goes back to the previous section of verses about the other supper of the chapter, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Mohler wanted us to know very clearly that everyone who ever lived and is living and will live will take part of one of these two suppers. One is good to be at because you will be enjoying the supper. The other supper the people will be the feast.

I really enjoyed Al Mohler at Resolved. He has never been before and I’ve never heard him preach before, like or recorded and I really enjoyed His preaching. I know that Jesus ultimately was behind it.

Rick Holland spoke at session 9 of the Resolved conference, teaching us how to have a relationship with Christ. He went to John 13 and 14 for the answer. Eventually Rick settled on John 14: 21. He preached on the way that Jesus gets eclipsed. Two things, disobedience and love of other things. Jesus calls us to obey for His glory and our good because we were made to have him, enjoy him, and sin never satisfies. Jesus also calls us to love him and not other things. He pointed out three things on what it means to love Jesus.

  1. Love see’s through the eyes of Faith
  2. Love connects knowledge and understanding
  3. Love evokes devotion and affections to Jesus.

We need to spend time mediating on Jesus and seeing him.

John MacArthur spoke at session 8. He spoke on how Jesus is involved with His church. John used Revelation 1. It’s the only image in the Bible of Jesus being involved with His church in his exalted state. He inhabits it. He is not a far off but intimately involved. There were five points that were drawn from Rev 1 that show how Jesus is involved with His church.

  1. He intercedes for his Church (v 13 – clothed with a long robe and with a golden sash around his chest)
  2. He purifies the church ( v 14,15 – Bronze feet, as refined)
  3. He commands his church (v15 – voice like roar of many waters)
  4. He controls his church (v16 – stars in his hand who are the messagers of the churches or pastors)
  5. He protects his church (v 16- two edged sword and v 2:16)
  6. He reflects his glory through the church/evangelism (v16 – sun shining face)

Lastly we covered the appropriate response to seeing the vision; exactly was John did, fell flat on his face, just like the other prophets did that saw God (Isa, Eze, etc.)

For the sixth session John MacArthur spoke a “Bible Study, not a sermon.” We started at John 8:56, where Jesus proclaims his diety as I am. Then he took us to Exodus 3:13,14, 11, and 17, showing the words God used to name himself and describe himself. Jesus also used the same terminology, especially the 7 I AM statements in the John’s Gospel. All that was introduction. He deduced from the fact that Jesus was God several points.

  1. Jesus is Sovereign over Sin. (Mark 2)
  2. Jesus has power over Spirits. (Mark 5)
  3. Jesus is sovereign over Satan. (John 14:30)
  4. Jesus is sovereign over Death. (John 10:17)
  5. Jesus is sovereign over the Sabbath. (Matt 12:8)

MacArthur wanted to get us to the point that Jesus was both the Lord and the Son of David. Luke 20:40 and Matthew 22:41-42.

After John MacArthur’s session, they had a Speaker Panel/Q&A session. The whole topic ended up being about reading good books as a means of grace and growth to love and know Christ better.

Session 6 is starting up and I’m typing up this blog to keep up with blogging about the sessions and not falling behind.

The Session 6 speaker was Steve Lawson, meaning that he has done his two and isn’t going to speak anymore. He spoke out of Revelation 5. Jesus, the only one worthy to Open the scroll to bring about the end of history. Jesus was and is the only one that can now finish off history to bring about God’s justice and glory. He died. He bore the wrath of God. He conquered death. No other human, angel, demon or Satan is worth to open the scroll that was written by the Father to bring to pass what He had ordained for the end of the world.

Steve pointed out 4 things from the text.

  1. There was a scroll.
  2. There was a search
  3. There was the sovereign Lion
  4. There was the singing.

Our lives as believers should consist of the singing to the only one worthy of worship and praise. Jesus alone is worthy to receive honor, and glory. He is the only one worthy to open the scroll.

For session 4, C.J. Mahaney spoke. He used Mark 5:1-20. He didn’t give us a specific topic of a category for Jesus like the past 3 preachers did. C.J. gave a visual representation of Christ. Mainly his power over the world. His sovereignty. Jesus healed a man who was tormented by demons. He had compassion on this man to free him from his bondage to unclean spirits and the people of the area pleaded with Him to leave. C.J. showed us the previous event the disciples went through and their near death experience on the sea of Galilee. Then, Jesus, after this episode with the man, heals a woman, raises a girl from the dead. Mark is showing the sovereignty of God.

C.J. showed us three things this passage is trying to teach us.

  1. To Learn the unique identity of the Savior as the Son of God
  2. To remind us of our condition before conversion
  3. To encourage us to emulate the example of the man saved from demons.

Some conference updates. They are giving a decent price on next years conference for only $100. Also, the first three sessions of Audio are up on the resolved website,

So far the topics we have covered have been Jesus as the convergence of God’s transcendence and God’s eminence. For Session 3, Steve Lawson was the preacher. He spoke on many subjects of who Christ is from Colossians 1:15-23.

From Colossians 1 we get that:

  1. Jesus is God (v 15)
  2. Jesus is Creator (v 16)
  3. Jesus is Sustainer (v 17)
  4. Jesus is Lord (v 18)
  5. Jesus is Savior (v 21)

He wanted us to understand that they were out flows of each other. You can’t have one without the one before it.  He also wanted us to remember that Jesus is Savior. He saves from sin, from the Father’s wrath, to reconcile us to the Father, to bring us back into a relationship with the Father.

Out of convenience to post blogs faster, I’m going to wait until later to post pictures.

Al Mohler spoke in Session 2. It was his first year at Resolved. He spoke on Jesus as Priest out of Hebrews chapter 9. He spoke that Jesus work on the cross was once for all time, while His work as High Priest is and must be eternal. His death was necessary and God planned it to happen. He was our substitute.

He explained that the sacrifice provided Jesus with His own blood to approach the Father in the Holy of Holies as our High Priest. He then explained ten ways that Jesus roles as High Priest. They were:

  1. The Suffering High Priest
  2. The Sacrificial High Priest
  3. The Saving Great High Priest
  4. The Substitutionary High Priest
  5. The Superior High Priest
  6. The Supernatural High Priest
  7. The Solitary High Priest
  8. The Sufficient High Priest
  9. The Sovereign High Priest
  10. The Sympathetic High Priest

Al wanted to leave us remembering the Sympathetic High Priest the most, reminding us that Jesus wants to save us now from our sin and sympathizes with our weaknesses. He understands our temptations because he was tempted in every way just as we were. But one difference is that he was without sin. He understands our struggles and can die for our sin to save us, redeem us, to cleanse us internally and externally.

Thank you Jesus for what you have done and are doing for us right now, interceding for us as our High Priest.

More pictures below:

Waiting for Session 2 to start.

View of the Stage before it started.

Worship Session 2

Al Mohler Speaking on the Priesthood of Christ.

A lot of Resolved attendees watching the end of the USA/GHA Soccer match.

Resolved once again. This is my fourth year attending Resolved. One in Long Beach, and this is the third in Palm Springs. Day started off early with needing to pack. Then we (Jess and I) headed to the church. The drive was not bad. One stop was good. We got to the Hotel/Convention Center around 3:45. A group went shopping and a few of us enjoyed the Conference store.

This years conference theme is Jesus. One word: Jesus. It’s a big subject.

Tonight opened up well. Rick Holland spoke about Jesus. He spoke about Jesus being the culmination of God’s Transcendence and Eminence. Transcendence is God’s distance from us, and Eminence is God’s closeness to us.

He spoke first explaining the “Distance of Diving Transcendence,” explaining how far above God is from us. God is far above us, so far from us that we can’t approach Him. His second point was  the “Nearness of Divine Eminence.” He explained that God is so close, he is intimately involved in each persons life, directing their lives. The last point was bringing the two together in Jesus. He named the point “The Mystery of Divine Incarnation.” He explained that in Jesus God and Man became one being. Jesus is the convergence of the two, like two creeks coming together to become a new creek. The new one is neither one or the other, but both. He explained that Job understood both from Job 9, God’s transcendence and eminence, and used 1 Timothy 2:5 to explain that Jesus was the man, mediator/umpire/arbitor between God and man.

Tonight was good, so hopefully I can keep this up posting every day. The only free wifi in the Hotel is in the Lobby. The convenience of being in your room using the wifi you must pay for. Out in the lobby is nice enough.

Here are some pictures:

View of the Stage from Bleachers

View of the Stage from the Top of the Bleachers

The View from the Stage. You can see that the bleachers almost cover the entire back wall.

Worship during the Conference.

Jess and I after the first session. Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy.

A view of the newly renovated Hotel that we’ve been staying at every year so far. Now it’s called the Renaissance Hotel.