I read something about adoption and having been researching Christian Hedonism, and this came to my mind:

Adoption is Christian Hedonism. Adoption is the expression of it. Just as justification is required as a means to adoption, adoption is the means of, and to, Christian Hedonism. Knowing, loving, and enjoying God is Christian Hedonism and adoption, or in the Family of God, is where it takes place.

I think I’ve found my niche. It is adoption. How often does the average Christian hear about adoption or really understand what it means to be in the family of God? What glorious truth this is that people need to know. John Piper is the Christian Hedonist. Adoption is the arena in which it takes place. Adoption is the heart of Christianity, it is Christianity. Knowing God, loving God, and Enjoying Him is the center of Christianity and adoption is the arena it is played out in.

Edit: Another thought came to me. Another way to look at this is like a circulatory system. Adoption is the veins and arteries in which the blood of Christian Hedonism flows, and the Holy Spirit is the Heart. Knowing God is the Blood of the Christian Life. It is the life that keeps a Christian a Christian. The things is this example could be taken even further to a body. The Essence of God or God the Father is the Brain of the Body. The Son is the Head because He is the image of God. I say the Spirit is the Heart because the Spirit is the one that is “sent out into the world.” The parts of the Body is the Church. The Whole body, head, heart, parts of the body, is the Family of God, Father, Son, Spirit and Church. This analogy of the Body can be drawn so many different ways, and can be explained in such great detail, that is can take a lot of work and a lot of characters, or paper for that matter.