I have decided to post my Testimony. This is the one I read at my baptism. The picture is above. It’s me being raised out of the water by Pastor Bob, the Youth Pastor.

I grew up in the church. At age 12, I supposedly made a commitment to Jesus Christ and was baptized.

I later realized that I had not become a Christian at that time because after that I was still loving my sin and hating God. Deep down inside I did not like that God made laws for me to follow. I wanted to do what I wanted to do not what He wanted me to do. I was lying and deceiving people. I was stealing. I was using God’s name in vain. I was dishonoring my parents and hating others. I was not putting Him first in my life. As well, sexual immorality had a huge grip on my life. In July 2006, God took a certain person out of my life and began to deliver me out of sexual immorality as well as my sin in general. I came to realize after that God did this for my good and my gain.

That is when God started working on me, humbling me and showing me that I could not live my life on my own. Previously, I was using God as a means to get what I wanted. He was now convicting me of my sin and bringing me to Himself that I would see Him for who He truly is.

God worked on me and worked on me. He got me thinking about eternal things.

At Resolved, in February 2007, God took me deeper. I found myself thinking about eternal life, sin, salvation, the cost of discipleship, the cost for God to forgive sins and how sinful I was before Him. I agreed in my heart with one of the prayers I heard to have God move in my soul and bring me out of my trespasses and sins. God used that prayer to move me even closer to Him. He had me thinking hard, really hard about my salvation.

The Tuesday after Resolved, God gave me the power to give my life to Him. I found myself thinking, “What if I’m not saved?” “I don’t want God’s wrath. I want God.” So I said to myself, “I need to just give my life over to Christ and put it in His hands.”

Between 7 and 8PM on February 20th, 2007, while I was sorting books at the library where I worked, in my mind I prayed, “Christ, I am yours. Do with me what you wish.” At that point, I gave my life over to God by His power, not my own this time.

Now after I’ve become a Christian, I’m not perfect on my own. I still make mistakes, but God sees me as perfect in Christ because His life and perfection have been given to me. I still sin, but I hate sin and I hate that I do it.

I’ve come to love Christ and treasure Him more dearly. I don’t want to sin against God any more. I want to be baptized because I want to do what He wants me to do. I want to serve Him now. I care about sinners who do not know Jesus. I want them to be able to enjoy God forever for who He is.

I have learned that God is our ultimate joy and I want Him to be that joy in my life more and more. I want to learn more about Christ and God. I want to live for God’s glory.