Hey Guys.
A lot of my friends are Mormon so this one caught my attention. Tim Challies wrote a book review on his blog on the book Mormonism Explained. Check out the review. Click here to go to the review.

Here is a little preview of his review:

Many Christians seem unsure of how to react to the rise of Mormonism. Mormons are adept at using Christian language and in affirming their love of the Bible and of Jesus Christ. But behind the language and behind the similarities is a whole world of difference. Christians do well to arm themselves with some knowledge of this religion and of those who adhere to it. In his new book Mormonism Explained, Andrew Jackson offers a book that can do just that. A short study and one geared to the popular level, the book, well, it simply explains Mormonism. … Jackson looks at the religion’s origins, its teaching and then spends several chapters teaching about the Mormon concept of salvation. In about 200 pages he gives a ground-level introduction to this religion and shows how it is not consistent with the Christian faith.

Click the title of the Book above to get to the Publisher Page of the Book. From there you can read the description, read the contents, see the back cover and download a PDF of the Introduction and Chapter 1. Enjoy.