I haven’t written since Monday. Woah. I’m including this because it’s important to bring up. This was originally published by Rick Holland in the Resolved Conference Booklet of 2007. If it was written before that please correct me. Rick Holland is the Senior Associate Pastor of Grace Community Church, College and Student Ministries Pastor at Grace Community Church as well as the person (a long with a group of people) who is behind the Resolved Conferences.

What is Resolved?

I get asked that question a lot. And with each conference my answer get more definitive, though the foundation goes back more that two centuries.

As a 19-year-old in the mid-1700s, Jonathan Edwards became serious about the direction of his life. Why? He began to understand the nature of God. What he discovered was both delightful and disturbing. The more he investigated the infinite tributaries of God’s nature, the more he unearthed his own sinfulness. From then on the weight of God’s glory became the gravity of his life. He was compelled to respond.

So he sat down with a quill and paper and pulled back the bow of his being. The arrow he shot was the was in the form of 70 resolutions. These were simple statements, conclusions and commitments forged from the contemplating the immensity of God and the trauma of His holiness. All of them began with the same word… “Resolved.”

The Resolved conference is a call for a new generation to live with the same resolve.

Reflecting on the first two conferences is pure and amazing joy. More people came to each othe first two Resolved conference than expected. But more meaningful are the commitments made and sustained from those weekends. Some found saving faith, others dealt with debilitating sin, most sharpened their theology and a few responded to the calling of full-time gospel ministry. God has allowed us to see roots and fruit of His work in Resolved.

This year’s conference offers the trusted teaching from last year’s speakers, including John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, and C. J. Mahaney. And we have a significant addition—John Piper. This is a special for many of us because Dr. Piper has been a major force for introducing Jonathan Edwards to our generation.

The best time to consider the condition of our soul is now. The plea to be resolved about God is urgent. this is what Resolved is about. It is a weekend devoted for searching the soul under the spotlight of penetrating preaching by trusted men of God.

~Rick Holland