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Desiring God

This is my first actual post. It took a while because I’ve been busy.

There have been a few things that have inspired my blog. The two with the most impact where Desiring God and Sovereign Grace Ministries. But for this post, I’m going to write about how I got inspired by Desiring God.

So I had been reading Books by John Piper. (Desiring God is his Ministry.) And on the front of His book Desiring God was “Meditations of a Christian Hedonist.” I too want be a Christian Hedonist, so I tried to start a blog under the title “The Meditations of a Christian Hedonist.” I never got started and I think God not letting it start was a good thing. It would have been a narrow blog about just my mediations and it had the name of the subtitle of John Piper’s book. So it was copyright infringing so I’m glad it never started. And with this blog I can post more than just my mediations. I can write about Ministries, Books, Authors, Christian News and a whole slew of things.

So, how did Desiring God inspire my blog. Well, if you read the subtitle of my blog, “Hedonistically Serving Christ Jesus,” it relates to Desiring God in that there focus is to Glorify God in spreading a passion for people to Glorify God by finding Joy in Him. Not God’s gift’s, but God. I believe that belief it biblical. There mission statement is, “Everything we do aims to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.” A statement John Piper says he believes in and stands behind is “God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him.”

They have spread into me to want to find Joy in God. Salvation isn’t about just going to heaven or not feeling guilty anymore. Jesus died to bring us to Himself, that we might find great Joy in Him and in His Glory. I don’t want to find Joy in my sin anymore. I want to find Joy in Christ Jesus.

This is how Desiring God has inspired my Blog. I say check out their Ministry Website. You can find all kinds of good resources, books, articles and even a blog. Click here to go to there About Us page. Don’t worry, all links open up in a new window.

Here is a few things to check out at Desiring God:

So I’ll close in suggesting you to check out Desiring God, one of the ministries that inspired me.


Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Blog. This actually isn’t my first blog. My first blog never actually got started. It is Meditations of the Christian Hedonist. For now it’s there but if I ever delete it, I need to remember to take the link out of the post.I guess you could say this blog is inspired by that one because I really wanted to start one but that one is too narrow. It was also inspired by Tony Rienke’s Blog The Shepherd’s Scrapbook. I’m hoping the get help from this guy with mine. He helped C.J. Mahaney start his on the Sovereign Grace Ministries Website.

I want my blog to be similar to Tony’s blog. I’m thinking that many are thinking, “What can a twenty year old give to the church?” I’m thinking the same way. What can I give to the church? There are so many more knowledgeable guys out there with blogs, like John Piper’s Blog on, C.J. Mahaney’s on Sovereign Grace Ministries and Tony Rienke’s The Shepherd’s Scrapbook. What can I give? Without the grace of God purchased at the Cross of Christ I can do nothing, but I know that with that given grace, Christ can work through me to create a blog that glorifies Himself. I want to use this blog as a stepping stone between man and Christ. That the Spirit would move through the word’s in this blog to Glorify Christ. I want this blog to be saturated with the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I want it to Boast only in the Cross of our Lord.

I’m doing this for the Glory of God and the sake of other people. I get to enjoy Christ getting glorified as people fall further in love with Him through the writing of this blog. I hope that God will use this blog to glorify Himself. I pray it does all this.